I’ll talk about the difference between lucid dreaming and real life.

I was sent a question:

“Hello Sergey. I have been practising lucid dreaming for five years and I almost always succeed. I have a question: if the sensations from contact with objects or people in a dream are very similar to those in the real world, does it not mean that the real world is a dream? Thank you.”

LUCID DREAMING AND REALITY.Lucid dreaming is just one of the most basic steps of cognition of the surrounding reality.

About lucid Dreams

The question is actually a very good one, although it touches on quite global topics. The point is, what should we consider reality and what should we base it on? For example, most people can never concentrate in a dream to try to control it. Moreover, there are masses of so-called “scientific papers” that say that conscious dreams are harmful. Apparently as harmful as consciously thinking, consciously living, consciously deciding for oneself what choice to make at a given moment in the here and now. Slaves are easier to control when they think minimally or think what they think.

Lucid dreaming is just one of the most basic steps of cognition of the surrounding reality. To a human being, all these sensations of controlling dream images seem amazing. But does man try to control the so-called Reality by the same methods as Dreaming? For example, a dreamer touches different objects or looks at his palms in order to realise himself by repeating the same in a dream. It is much more rational to do such actions in order to realise oneself in the so-called Reality. After all, the main difficulty in achieving lucid dreaming is that people rarely seek to live consciously. For example, just to look at the sky, touch your hand or the bark of a tree. Little wonder what their acquaintances will think! And what’s the point of paying attention to the background environment if this is your life?

Lucid Dreaming is an extremely exciting and interesting game, but it is surprising that you have been playing it for five years. Usually everyone has enough time for this game for six months and then a person realises that there is no special sense in this game, as it is just spectacular special effects. However, the fact that you asked a question about the reality of life shows that you have realised that it is time to pay attention to reality.

In the real Reality there is a great immersion in many games that somehow keep one’s attention on thousands of activities, joys or sufferings. Accordingly, nothing prevents one from applying the skills and techniques of lucid dreaming to everyday life in order to achieve one’s goals and only so, for the reason that the aimlessness of applying any technique devalues and self-destructs it, but with the intention that you direct towards your desires, any technique comes in handy.

And regarding the question, any Reality is a dream and any Dream is a reality. Change your background, go to a field, look at space, the sky or just look more often at what surrounds you in everyday life. Then you can see very, very many surprises, oddities and wonders that the background masses, staring at their smartphones or looking only at their feet, are not able to see.

The point is not in the reality of what is happening, but in having the Intention to have power over yourself and the world around you.

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