About esotericism

About esotericism. My short answers to questions about magic and esotericism

Answers to questions about esoreticism. My short answers to questions about magic and esotericism

What esoteric teachings do you consider the closest to the Truth?

Hermeticism and Advaita-Vedanta. In some ways Sufism and Buddhism.

Is it useful to read philosophers and which ones are closest to you?

For the development of thinking skills, definitely useful. Berkeley.

Who is the founder of esotericism in the West?

Pythagoras exclusively. The first sect in the West.

What are the Vedas to you?

A collection of prehistoric superstitions, myths, slave attitudes and wisdom elements.

The best book on talismanic magic?

“The Picatrix”, despite the mass of distortions it has as a compendium.

The best grimoire on Solomonic magic?

“Hygromancy”, aka “Apotelesmata Solomonica”, aka “Apotelesmatica Pragmatheia”

Is there a useful (non-harmful) new age teaching?

Subud, probably. It’s hard to find anything harmful in it.

Best hermetic text?

“Poimandre”, “The Key”, of the modern ones, Atkinson’s “Cybalion”.

The best Russian esotericists?

I like Gurdjieff as a person. He is undeniably wise. My third magic teacher had a direct transmission of knowledge from Gurdjieff’s disciples who remained in Russia after the 1917 revolution.

The worst Russian esotericism?

Andreev’s “Rose of the World,” the Roerichs’ “Agni Yoga,” Blavatsky. Overloaded mythology, ridiculous pack values.

The best Tarot deck?

The most popular one is the best. It’s Waite’s Tarot.

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