About me

Sorcerer Sergey Belokon. I am a practising magician and astrologer (old Russian traditional magic/Western planetary and ceremonial magic, Arabic magic), a specialist in tarot and demonology.

Sorcerer Sergey Belokon. I am a practising magician and astrologer, a specialist in tarot, demonology and witchcraft. I teach and provide magical help.

I have been studying magic since 2000, receiving clients since 2005 and teaching magic since 2009. For many years of practice I have written many books in Russian, published electronic magazines about magic and occultism, started a channel on youtube and starred in some TV programmes.

I am the author and creator of self-help systems based on hermetic Higher Magic: NOD, ASTARTA, ANAXIMENA and JANUS. They will help you realise your goals and secret dreams!

Sorcerer Sergey Belokon: Magical services (paid):

Love magic: strong spell, return of husband/wife, marriage spell.

White magic: removal of spoilage, curses, celibacy, possession. Protective magic.

Fortune-telling: tarot, geomancy, water divination. Traditional Russian astrology.

Money magic: rituals for luck and success, prosperity, rituals for sale, help in business to increase sales and profit growth.

Effective Old Russian and Eastern magic.

For those who are ready to embark on the path of a magician – training (higher and traditional Russian magic)

Mail for my clients and students: magiaforvip@gmail.com  or koldovat@gmail.com