The most important rule of magic

The most important rule of magic is a question asked by people seeking knowledge. This rule is usually ignored and few people want to apply it. This rule is “get out of the crowd”!

A Rule of magic

The most important rule of magic is the enquiry that knowledge-seekers flock to. It is to "step out of the crowd"!

If you imagine a person in a crowd of people, which fills the whole city square, it is obvious that he can’t see anything. One can hear the sniffling of sweaty people, some shouting in honour of the idiot who is performing on the stage, one can see someone’s back. However, it is almost impossible to see directions – where one could go. A solid grey mass.


“Get out of the crowd” is really the most important rule of magic, because the crowd is not only people, but also superfluous thoughts, superfluous actions, superfluous connections. Each of the manifestations of the crowd weakens, eats up a person’s time and prevents them from making their own decisions.

The crowd is also the countless collection of “spiritual paths”, when you have to dart between hundreds of gurus, coaches and witches with runes, each offering a different product. This wastes time, especially when you have to study the precepts, customs, traditions and worldview of each “guru”.

I do other things!


I do not impose my worldview, I do not give recommendations about who to pray to and I am not interested in your tradition. The only condition of liberation is to always follow your desires, to strive for what you really want! Not to Shambhala, Samadhi, Nagval or meeting with the Mahatmas, but to find your success in life.


The most important rule of magic is to “step out of the crowd” – the first and basic condition for WINNING in the Game of Life. Focus your attention on yourself, put aside the opinions of others, DECIDE what you really want for yourself and then you can apply magic.